Celanese Product Sheets
Product Info Sheets: Vinyl Acrylic Emulsions

Discover our Avicor® vinyl acrylic family of emulsions with the latest solutions, including Avicor® 384, Avicor® 7448 and Avicor® 325, all of which are versatile emulsion polymers designed to expand your formulation possibilities.

Avicor® 384 can be used on many substrates such as aged masonry, primed wood, etc., offering excellent scrub and stain resistance and compatibility with other polymers and coalescents.

Avicor® 7448 is designed for maximum performance and durability in flat through gloss interior paint formulations. This emulsion offers good scrub and stain resistance in quality interior paints, and the film will withstand tough washing and scrubbing without burnishing.

Avicor® 325 is an aqueous dispersion of a vinyl acetate-acrylic copolymer designed for use in formulating interior flat and semi-gloss paints. The combination of high molecular weight, hardness and flexibility produces paint films with excellent toughness, scrub resistance and durability.

Download our vinyl acrylic product information sheets to learn more about the extensive capabilities of our architectural coatings.

  • Avicor® 325
  • Avicor® 384
  • Avicor® 4302
  • Avicor® 7305
  • Avicor® 7448