Celanese Webinar
Webinar: Optimize Sweetness with Sunett

Learn more about Sunett® Ace-K, a reliable sweetening solution for your low-calorie beverages! Our webinar outlines the key drivers of your market environment while our experts will explain the pure, reliable, and accountable qualities that only Sunett® Ace-K can offer. Make sure you meet your customers' needs, and choose Sunett® Ace-K.

View our webinar to discover what makes Sunett® Ace-K such a dependable and advanced sweetening solution.

Sunett® acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) provides:

  • Excellent blending characteristics for easy formulations and better taste for low or no-calorie beverages
  • High product purity and consistency without lingering aftertaste
  • Reliability ensured by an extensive food safety system
  • Accountability as the only western supplier for full traceability and reduced recall risks