Celanese Brochure
Advanced Medical Polymers: Medical Product Portfolio Brochure

Review this brochure to learn more about our medical technology polymers and the design freedom and advanced performance they offer. Our polymer solutions are ideal for use in diagnostics, orthopedic implants, medical supplies, and drug packaging and delivery.

Review data on our line of engineered materials for medical applications, including information on the typical medical applications, grades and advantages for these products and their varying grades:

  • Hostaform® MT® POM:
    Tribologically modified MT grades for complex mechanical drug delivery devices.
  • Celanex® MT® PBT:
    A semi-crystalline structure based on polybutylene terephthalate that offers high strength, good adhesion to silicone properties.
  • Fortron® MT® PPS:
    Inherently flame resistant without halogen additives with additional resistance qualities.
  • Vectra® MT® LCP:
    A family of halogen-free, high-performance polymers that provide high-temperature performance.
    Exhibits excellent resistance and self-lubricating properties even in cryogenic conditions.

Discover additional information on the following topics:

  • A Strong History of Material Innovations for Medical Products:
    Our experience coupled with the ability to reduce total manufacturing costs through consolidation provides a solid material advantage in all things medical.
  • Responsibility, Commitment and Understanding:
    We are a trusted and reliable development partner to the medical industry with a long-term supply commitment and unmatched technical expertise.
  • Full Regulatory Support:
    We understand the increasing regulatory demands found throughout the global market and can help provide solutions that comply with all necessary requirements.