Celanese Presentation
Hostaform XGC Webinar Presentation

Led by Joachim Flock, Global Product Marketing Manager, this webinar provides a detailed breakdown of the following topics:

  • XGC product overview — Hostaform® XGC Series offers unique solutions for structural elements. Discover improved long-term creep and fatigue resistance at high temperatures and an enhanced balance of strength, stiffness and toughness.
  • Mechanical properties — Outlines a comparison of stiffness over temperature, an analysis of flexibility at low temperatures, creep characteristics vs other GF Resins and other mechanical information.
  • Rheological properties — Provides information on potential warpage reduction, flow behavior and XGC’s high dimensional stability.
  • Tribological modification — Uncover information on wall thickness reduction, flexibility at low temperatures and additional tribological information.
  • Processing — Provides information on processing efficiency, potential energy savings and reduced processing costs.
  • Application examples — Explore many application possibilities including furniture, door, conveyor, housing and window systems.