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Hostaform® M15HP High Performance Grade for Demanding Applications

Hostaform® M15HP - A Stronger, Tougher copolymer for demanding applications

Discover our new product Hostaform® M15HP and its improved toughness, increased strength and long-term mechanical stress resistance. Learn more about the high levels of stress experienced by Hostaform M15HP’s typical applications, and review a detailed breakdown of its performance benefits, including:

  • Impact Strength
    Mold better performing gears that withstand abrupt stops with a combination of high dimensional stability and toughness.
  • Strength/stiffness
    Extend the potential range of applications like blow molded pressurized containers, and material handling components such as conveyor belts links.
  • Creep Behavior
    Mold plastics that can perform as well as metal in applications requiring continuous load bearing capabilities.
  • Fatigue
    Excellent for applications such as high power transmissions gears, and applications exposed to cyclic loads.
  • Long Term Heat Stability
    Retain physical and mechanical properties through long term exposure to heat and humidity.
  • Chemical Resistance
    Resist the wear of aggressive fuels and solvents in automotive applications.