Celanese Brochure
Celanese Hostaform POM

Extreme glass coupled (XGC) technology for demanding structural elements

Hostaform® XGC series offers an enhanced balance of strength, stiffness, toughness at low temperatures, improved long-term creep and fatigue resistance for applications, such as gear housings, drive gears, window lifting plates, sunroof guides, conveyor linkages components are applications where the material may be exposed to higher levels of mechanical and cyclic stresses.

Product Offerings:

  • XGC10 – 10% short glass reinforced POM
  • XGC15 LW-01 – 15% Short Glass Coupled - Tribology Modified Grade
  • XGC25 – 25% short glass reinforced POM
  • XGC25 LW-01 – 25% Short Glass Coupled - Tribology Modified Grade

XGC Series Application Opportunities

  • Door systems (cams and plates)
  • Wiper systems (gears and housings)
  • Sunroofs (guide rails)
  • Steering systems (housings and brakes)
  • HVAC (levers brackets)
  • Appliances (gears pulleys and housings)
  • Irrigation (meter housings)