Celanese Brochure
Engineered Materials Overview


Celanese is a trusted global leader in engineered materials. We provide total solutions with global reach, local resources, design and application development support, and deep technical knowledge. We collaborate to create groundbreaking solutions. By offering unmatched technical expertise and support to help solve challenges and lead the industry forward, Celanese is the industry choice to ensure you deliver value for your customers.

Whatever your product challenge, chances are a Celanese polymer can help you meet it. Our engineered materials help designers reduce component weight, consolidate parts and meet tough specifications. Beyond high performance thermoplastics, we offer critical design and engineering support throughout the product development cycle. It is no wonder manufacturers at every level turn to Celanese for the technical solutions they need.

Outstanding Performance in Engineering Polymers

  • Hostaform®/Celcon® POM
  • Celanex® PBT
  • Impet® PET
  • Vandar® alloy
  • Riteflex® TPC-ET
  • Celstran®/Compel®/ Factor® LFRT
  • Fortron® PPS
  • Vectra®/Zenite® LCP
  • Thermx® PCT
  • Celstran® CFR-TP
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Technical Service