Celanese Product Sheet
High Flow Celstran® LFRT for Thin Walled Automotive Applications

Download our product information sheet to learn about the exceptional injection molding features of our automotive polymer, Celstran® high flow LFT. You’ll discover how this series of polymer grades are especially suited for interior automotive applications that require thinner, lighter, and more complex parts and components. Learn how Celstran® high flow LFT can help you increase productivity while simultaneously reducing production costs. Fill out the informational form fields to download the product information sheet.

Celstran® high flow LFT Key Attributes:

  • 47% increase in flow lengths
  • 40% reduction in injection pressures
  • 50% reduction in required clamp tonnage
  • Greater than 20% reduction in part weight
  • Greater than 12% reduction in cycle time
  • Increase fiber length retention