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New Innovations for Wearable Pumps

Creating Customer Value In Wearable Pumps

Overall growth in biological drugs and in large volume (>2 ml) therapy biopharma products, reduction of injection frequency, increase in patients comfort, cost containment pressure and connectivity being integrated into healthcare are accelerating medical innovation in the wearable devices space.

Celanese portfolio of engineered materials for large volume wearable pumps includes Vectra® MT® LCP for design and production efficiencies in internal chassis, and Hostaform® MT® SlideX® POM for enhanced patient experience when used in internal components.

• Vectra® MT® LCP is a higher flow medical grade of LCP that enables medical device designers to develop thinner-walled, more complex, reduced-weight chassis and to accelerate production cycle times – lighter-weight for patients, more flexibility for internal components for design houses, and reduced per part cost for OEMs/molders.
• Hostaform® MT® SlideX® POM & Celanex® MT® SlideX® PBT are excellent performing medical grades with tribological modifier for exceptionally low wear & friction and no noise - simplifying, for medical device designers, material combination decisions across complex device components improving end-user experience and avoiding external lubrication in manufacturing processes.

Celanese MT® service package ensures industry-leading regulatory support to reduce risks during regulatory approval processes and provides for secure and consistent high quality material supply throughout product life-cycle (change notification). 

Download our solution showcase to explore how Celanese is creating customer value in the wearable pumps space.