Celanese has many years of experience helping customers to optimize their use of plastics to improve design aesthetics while meeting stringent engineering, ecological and governmental standards. Our technical expertise provides support across our customer’s ecosystem from materials to formulations and parts.

In a 45-minute web seminar our experts will discuss how to optimize part and tool designs and simulate “real world” outcomes:

    • Part Design Analysis to showcase options that meet manufacturing and functional requirements
    • Mold Flow Simulation for a representative model of the material behavior filling the mold
    • Thermal Simulation to predict part behavior in a defined thermal environment with performance comparison across materials
    • Structural Simulation to mimic operating conditions and usage expectations of the final part

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Learn from the following experts:

Jameson Fee

Design and Simulation Leader

Jameson has been with Celanese for over 17 years, working in the CAE group under a broad range of disciplines, working with customers from all over the world. He is now the Leader of the Design and Simulation team.