Celanese offers the broadest variety of solutions for today’s major soldering techniques. 

Join our web seminar to discuss:

  • Through-Hole-Technique (THT)
  • Surface-Mount-Technology (SMT)
  • Through-Hole-Reflow (THR)
  • The more suitable materials for medium temperature and high temperature exposure
  • Applications examples

View our web seminar to discover how our experts can support your applications with complex requirements. Learn more about early collaboration with Celanese in your next development process.


Learn from the following experts:

Cory Pierson

Customer Product Specialist

Cory Pierson is a Mechanical Engineer with over 38 years of experience in the plastic industry. He has been working for Celanese for 30 years and he is Customer Product Specialist covering Vectra® LCP, Zenite® LCP, ThermX® PCT, GUR®UHMWPE, Celapex® PEEK.