Laser welding with plastics is a method of joining two plastics by subsequent transmission and absorption of laser energy. While Laser Polymer Welding isn’t a new technology, it is still not quite as well-known or widely adopted as other solutions for joining plastic components, such as gluing, fasteners or snap fits.
Follow our experts to find the right material for successfully adopt this revolutionary technology. Learn from the benefits of implementing laser polymer welding with Engineered Materials from Celanese.

Learn more about:

  • Principles of laser welding
  • Transmission measurements
  • Influence of wall thicknesses for various polymer types

View our web-seminar to discover if Laser Polymer Welding could replace your current joining solution. Find out more about early collaboration with Celanese in your next development process.


Learn from the following experts:

Aimee Dahl

Manager Program Management

Aimee Dahl holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University.  She has worked as an Application Engineer, Sales Account Manager, Materials Specialist, and Program Enablement Manager in the Automotive Plastics Industry for more than 30 years.