As technology advances, the need to place larger numbers of electrical and electronic systems into automobiles has dramatically increased. Placing a large amount of electrical and electronic systems into a very confined space poses the problem of keeping the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of these systems from interfering with each other through radiated and conducted emissions.

Proper EMI design considerations are essential from the beginning stages of the device design. Follow our experts to find the right materials for successful adoption of this technology into today's automobiles. Several commercialized applications proof the material solutions Celanese could provide to meet your needs in the field of EMI shielding and thermal management.

Learn more about

  • Principles of EMI shielding
  • EMI shielding measurements
  • EMI shielding solutions including

           - long steel fiber compounds
           - short & long CF compounds
           - electrically/thermally conductive materials
           - plateable grades

View our web-seminar to discover why experts at Celanese could support you in your new applications requiring EMI shielding properties. Find out more about early collaboration with Celanese in your next development process.


Learn from the following experts:

Suresh Subramonian

T&I Engineer

Suresh Subramonian is Technology Innovation Leader and R&D Fellow in the Engineered Materials Business, Celanese Corporation. He graduated from the University of Houston with MS and PhD degrees in chemical and environmental engineering. He has 30 years industrial experience in advanced materials, polymer formulations and plastics processing. Areas of expertise include product design, process research, scale-up, application development and performance validation.