Solution Showcase
Appearance Solutions in Large and Small Appliances

Contemporary styles, sleek designs, and complementary color schemes are dominating kitchen design. Large appliances are “blurring the line” between furniture and machine as kitchens are becoming gathering places.

Consumers are using neutral colors in kitchens and introducing pops of color with large and small appliances. They also want more “wow” factors in washers and dryers which drive the use of chrome, metallics, and additional color options.

By leveraging our broad portfolio of engineered material solutions, beautiful surface finishes are achieved while also producing excellent mechanical performance. The Celanese appearance portfolio includes such products as MetaLX® POM, Celanex® PBT, Frianyl® Nylon and Hostaform® POM. These products provide laser marking, high temperature resistance, custom color matching and molded-in color solutions while reducing costs and eliminating material complexity for our customers.

Download our solution showcase to explore how Celanese is creating customer value in the appliance appearance space.