Celanese Product Sheets
Product Info Sheets: 100% Acrylic Emulsions

Our vinyl acrylic emulsions are designed for maximum performance and durability in interior paint formulations, and we have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right emulsion for your coating formulations.

Our 100% acrylic emulsions are designed for low- to zero-VOC capable formulations ranging from flat to semi-gloss sheen levels. These emulsions allow paint formulators to produce a wide range of interior and exterior coatings with outstanding durability and gloss. They are also designed as blend resins with Celanese VAE and vinyl acrylic emulsions to meet a variety of performance needs.

With lower MFFT and APE-free choices, our Avicor® emulsions can be used to achieve high-performance, environmentally-friendly coatings that require minimal use of Texanol or zero-VOC coalescents.

Download our vinyl acrylic product information sheet to learn more about the extensive capabilities of our architectural coatings.

  • Avicor® 601
  • Avicor® 633
  • Avicor® 2550
  • Avicor® 6408